Meet WordPress Form Maker Stripe Add-On


Form Maker Stripe Add-On enables Form Maker plugin admins to accept payments using Stripe technology. The add-on will connect with administrator’s Stripe account and allow them to receive payments over the Internet. It is a simple integration with Form Maker that enables form submitters to pay via Stripe when filling forms as well as send details of the payment to form administrator within submissions.

From form options of the plugin, users are now able to choose whether to pay via PayPal or Stripe. In the Form Options of the Form Maker plugin. Administrator shall select the currency, tax%, set API configurations, as well as choose whether to require customer’s name entry, address, city and some other details. By default, the CVC, expiration month and year are required as in any other payment form.

Without payment processing users will not be able to submit the form. After completing checkout and finalizing payment process, Stripe then transfers the funds directly into the bank account linked to the payee.

The add-on is a great tool for those who are looking for an alternative solution to PayPal, depending on their preferences of the company policy. Another great benefit of this add-on is that WordPress Form Maker users are able to build their online storefront, marketplace and other services with a simple, yet effective solution. In this case it is fair to mention that one payment gateway can be used per form. Meaning that users cannot use more than one payment gateway on a form, i.e. Stripe and PayPal will not operate on the same form.

There will be no need to design custom payment forms from the scratch. Form Maker Stripe Add-on offers a simple, beautiful and customizable payment flow that works great across desktop and mobile devices.

As an important reminder I will mention that the extension works only with an active Stripe account which is free to set up.

Before purchasing the Stripe Add-on from the full list of Form Maker Add-Ons, make sure that Stripe technology is supported in your country and you’ll be able to accept payments from customers anywhere in the world. The full list of countries is available on

As an addition it is worth mentioning that Web-Dorado has recently launched another Form Maker add-on called Save Progress Add-On. This product is aimed to help with WordPress forms and allow users to save the progress with filling out the forms. After that users will be able to be back at a specific time to finish it. Website holders with rather large forms will obviously benefit from Save Progress add-on. Both add-ons are available on Web-Dorado now.

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