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We are happy to announce the launch of a new WordPress post slider plugin, called Post Slider WD. Post slider plugin allows showcasing posts in elegant slides in a fast and easy manner. The slider plugin comes with a full collection of options, allowing users to customize every bit of it. Users are able to showcase posts with featured image in slides, add layers using post content with various effects. This can give a website some serious boost in presentation and functionality.

This slider plugin cases stunning opportunity to bring headlines on a tricker in the best way possible.The plugin supports custom posts, meaning that users can use these posts in slides, applying all the features of the plugin. This means, that whether you run a news website, an online restaurant platform with regularly updated menu and recipes, organize an event checklist using Event Calendar WD or run your little business elsewhere, this guy allows you to keep your website catchy with your posts exhibited in the best way possible. The main and standalone features of this plugin are its simplicity in terms of shortcode system, allowing users to duplicate the slider with posts anywhere in their posts and pages as well as use shortcodes, widgets or insert slider in header.php of the theme. The Post Slider WD is responsive and mobile friendly. It has been tested on major browsers including Edge, IE9+, FF 20+, Chrome, Safari, as well as on different operation systems. Flexibility and easy to use experience make the work on the back-end of the plugin even faster and easier.

Post Slider WD lets users to demonstrate posts in 2 modes: static and dynamic. The first option will allow setting periodicity of slides manually. Dynamic posts slider option allows bringing the different posts in the slider feed, using advanced options and filters.

Posts can be sorted by author, publishing date, comments, modification date, post title, menu order and in a random way and order these posts in ascending or descending order. This selection will allow to generate the posts in a dynamic mode accordingly. Sorting options include allow to select number of posts appearing on front end in the slide, choose a category and bring them properly.

The plugin comes with a bunch of ready-to-use animations and transition effects. Post Slider WD Pro includes more than 25 transition effects as well as almost 40 layer effects. Options of the plugin permit to use unlimited color variation by using jQuery color picker. It allows to create or modify texts, backgrounds, border colors, add shadows and more. Speaking on fonts, it is fair to mention not only variety of options to customize the size, but it has got Google fonts family, font weight options, dimensions and word-break options too.

Social button layer includes options of adding Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and G+ share buttons; edit the size, position and transparency. Effect in and out options could be implemented to these buttons as well.

The plugin comes with another layer effect called hotspot. Hotspot layer creates a pulse effect on a slide, where you’ll need to select a layer on which the hotspot will bring additional information.

In the back-end of the plugin, users can drag and drop the hotspot buttons on the slide and reposition in a live mode when editing the slides. Hotspots are ideal for a demonstration of additional information without burdening the style of the slides with additional textual information. The options grant linking as well, meaning that the tests of the hotspot layer can redirect users to another website. Same options of effects, paddings, size and color, as well as transparency, fonts and shadow options can be implemented to this layer too.

Another great option of this plugin is fancy parallax on mouse move effect. In the line of many different layers with custom animations that are included in the plugin, parallax effect seems to appear very catchy and attractive, adding real-time fascinating 3D effect.

In the settings of plugin users will find timer bar options and auto play. They will definitely enjoy the filmstrip mode options, allowing to have thumbnails on the top, bottom or the left side of slides; slide bullet options in 5 different styles, navigation button options and a custom CSS box for additional tricks for WordPress geeks. Another great thing about this portion of the plugin is the carousel display option, allowing bringing the slides in carousel mode and selecting number of images to appear in carousel.

So in a word, this tool is going to bring a vivid experience, beautiful presentation of posts anywhere on one’s website. Users can easily create slides from post content of the website. This intuitive and fully customizable tool is going to bring a lot of attention to user’s website, due to its functionality. And did I mention that Slider WD allows building stunning responsive WordPress sliders without writing a single line of code.

Post Slider WD is now available for free on Don’t forget to check out Post Slider WD Demo page as well.

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