Introducing Google Analytics WD


The easiest and most flexible way to add all of the Google Analytics functionality to your WordPress site is the Google Analytics WD plugin. This all-in-one analytics plugin by Web-Dorado is a go-to tool for managing and monitoring your site analytics right from your WordPress dashboard. Let’s take a closer look at Google Analytics WD and see why it’s the perfect choice for data collection and analysis.

As a WordPress plugin, Google Analytics WD is specially designed to work with WordPress, and is compatible with WP version 3.9 or higher. The plugin adds the Google Analytics code to the pages of your site, and allows you to customize the created code easily to meet your individual needs. Once you’ve set up and authenticated your Google Analytics account, you’ll be able to track the traffic of any sites linked to it and easily switch between reports for each of your websites.


Overview Page

An easy to use summary page allows you to see website traffic in real time, number of the users and sessions taken, browsers used to access your website and know the locations where your visitors come from. You can choose the date range of the report from the predefined time units (today, yesterday, last 7 days, last week, last 30 days),or you can drill down to any custom date range that is at your utmost interest.

In-Depth Reports

Google Analytics WD provides in-depth and detailed statistics and analysis of your website performance, and does it in a visually comprehensive and user-friendly manner. It gives a full picture of your website audience, including demographics, their interests, geo-location, behavior, used devices and operating systems, and many other stats, that will give you valuable insight of how your website is doing. The reports also include stats on website speed and site content, to help you to figure out which posts or pages get the most visitor attention. With its advanced functionality you can compare tracking reports of two periods with each other.

For your convenience, there is a number of reporting styles available, including pie, column and line charts. You can even export the reports in CSV file format to use in Excel or other software, or as a PDF file. This allows you to freely perform your own analysis. For more automated summary reports, you can forward the reports to one or more recipients via email at any time you’d want to, or periodically on a pre-set schedule

Frontend Statistics

With Google Analytics WD you can permit administrators, editors, post authors, contributors and subscribers to check post or page stats from the front end of your website. This is a quick way to provide information about the interactions taking place on a particular page or post.

Advanced Filters

Perhaps one of the most outstanding features of Google Analytics WD is the use of tracking filters, which adds a completely new dimension of power to your reporting. It allows you to exclude specific IP addresses, countries, regions or cities from tracking. This can allow you to filter out any noise from developers or staff working on your site, and get a more accurate picture of the traffic that your website drives.

Another great feature that the Google Analytics WD comes with, is its Goal Management function, that enables you to track targeted activities on your website and easily manage them. A simple example of it will be setting the visiting of a certain page as a goal. You’ll be notified as soon as the goal is achieved.

User and Role Permissions

As Google Analytics WD is specific to WordPress, user and role permissions are shared. As an administrator, you can set access to specific reports and functions based on WordPress role. It makes managing a multiuser site a lot more easier.


Just as WordPress is committed to providing mobile friendly user experience, so is Google Analytics WD. With nearly half of all web traffic originating from mobile devices, it is critical that Google Analytics WD provide a flawless mobile experience, and it does. Tracking reports and changing settings is just as much of a breeze from a smartphone or tablet, as it is from a laptop or desktop. Reports include details on all the people browsing your site using a mobile device.

Google Analytics WD Pro

Google Analytics WD plugin also comes with a PRO version , which, in addition to the above mentioned features, provides more advanced functionality. With the premium version you’ll be able to set up custom tracking dimensions based on post type and category, tags, post author and publication year. This allows you to track specific data that you are most interested in.

Users of the Pro version can also create e-Commerce tracking reports based on transaction ID, product SKU, category and name, sales performance and purchase time. This is a valuable in for business sites to understand the effectiveness of their sales model, and easily determine which products and categories are the most popular. This allows for easy and timely adjustments to ensure you’re maximizing your site’s potential.

The Pro version of Google Analytics WD also allows you to include your AdSense and AdWords accounts in the tracking, and set exclusions for trackings based on roles and users.

Google Analytics WD will send you push notifications and alerts when there’s a significant change in your website’s traffic. Similarly, you may want to know when there’s a major drop in traffic, which can often signal there’s an issue with your website. You can use these alerts to fix your site as soon as possible, reducing damage to sales and reputation. The settings for the alerts and pushovers are modifiable, allowing you to choose specific time,condition and value for each of them separately.

More Information

You can see a demo of Google Analytics WD in action at

To make Google Analytics WD your Google Analytics tool of choice, download the plugin at When you’re ready to install the plugin, simply log in to the WordPress administrative panel of your website, go to Plugins > Add New and click the Upload Plugin button from the top. Press the Choose file button and select the downloaded .zip package of Google Analytics WD. Click Install Now.

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