Introducing Form Maker add-ons for WordPress


Form Maker Pro from Web-Dorado has added three new add-on additions to its collection. Conditional Mailing, Dropbox and Google Drive Integration are new add-ons to help Form Maker plugin users to enhance productivity of a website.

Google Drive Integration add-on

The Google Drive Integration add-on is going to help users to send submitted files to Google Drive immediately.

This simple, yet very productive tool shall allow users to send or share files with multiple responders immediately, right from their Google Drive account. With this add-on, form holders will be able to share submitted content all over internet, whether it is social networks, email or other tools connected to your Google account. The add-on simply embeds submitted data with all available devices right away . It creates subcategories Drive account, depending on form titles created on front-end. Users will also have an access to an option, which allows disabling uploaded files to be stored in website server. The add-on shall perfectly fit both small and big businesses.

Conditional Mailing Add-on

Conditional Emails add-on is the new conditional logic tool that is going to help Form Maker Pro users to make forms more flexible and powerful.

This tool will allow to send form submissions as an email alerts to specific recipients, based on a selection behaviour. The add-on also enables to create custom triggers and specify the content of the email.

Conditional Emails is a great notification system for those who come across your forms. The tool allows form holders to select conditional behavior of a form; create or choose an algorithm based on number of conditions. So this nice autoresponder will be a great addition to our add-on collection of Form Maker.

Dropbox Integration Add-on

Another great tool that has been integrated with Form Maker Pro is the Dropbox Integration add-on. This add-on is storing submitted form attachments right to user’s Dropbox account. This automatic and reflexive add-on creates folders and subfolders in user’s Dropbox account as well, saving all submitted data through an over-categorization. This intuitive addition for Form Maker Pro plugin will help users to have all submitted files in multiple devices and have access 24/7. Besides that, users are available to view and download submitted data on back-end of their WordPress site.

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