How To Create Online Store With Photo Gallery


You obviously thought about making extra cash on WordPress, who didn’t. By creating a business platform on WordPress many bloggers and business owners do succeed and shift to their e-commerce as the main source for income. Whether you are a blogger, business keeper, enthusiast who shares his/her hobby online, this article is going to help you in creation of a beautiful and secure online store connected with WordPress Photo Gallery plugin in minutes.

First of all, let me set things straight and mention that I speak about rather small businesses and more likely individuals who are not eager to spend the main portion of their budget on creation of an online store, which includes a lot of extra extensions, plugins and add-ons, but concentrate and focus on the main duties which is to keep their website updates with the content they use to have and grow the audience. This is why I chose to speak about newly launched Photo Gallery E-Commerce plugin, which aims to connect galleries with a cart and allow visitors to buy digital images and printed content with a simple payment system. The simplicity is another reason I avoid speaking about big e-commerce plugins this time and will obviously come back to the discussion of them later on. As for now, we will speak about how to create an online store with WordPress Photo Gallery plugin and incorporate it with e-commerce in a simple and low cost way. In this way users will save the money, time and effort they normally direct to their website and its content, meaning you can focus more on your website.

So whether you are a WordPress Photo Gallery user or not, Photo Gallery E-Commerce will help you to create galleries or albums and add e-commerce functionality for it. For those who are familiar with the latest version of Photo Gallery, I shall offer the e-commerce add-on, which will extend the existing plugin to e-commerce. As for the newbies, Web-Dorado offers the full bundle of Photo Gallery with e-commerce allowing to sell digital (or intangible) and tangible products.

Features You Need
  • Create your online store solution with fully customizable Photo Gallery views including Thumbnails, Masonry and Mosaic views. Styling options are 100% integrated with e-commerce, meaning that you can customize every angle of your store.
  • The tool integrates two major payment gateways which are PayPal and Stripe. Local business owners who want to deliver their products and receive cash-in-hand can select “without online payment option” as well as set delivered duty details in additional terms and conditions under each gallery. Guest checkout option allows visitors to pay without registering, enable shipping options, show orders, add digital download expiration rates.
  • Handy email options will allow site administrators to send notifications by email, include HTML5 in the email window.
  • With Photo Gallery E-Commerce visitors will be able to shop online. This plugin has been tested on all major browsers and OS.

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Powerful insights to boost your store
  • Create price-lists for physical goods with name, price, description:, shipping rate and parameters, as well as details for digital images with image size, price, dimension and more.
  • In the Orders menu users will be able to set the data or any order and check out how many orders were placed on that period. Check the status of an order and receive the data accordingly.
  • The report page of e-commerce includes data for sales period, monthly report diagram, number of orders, purchased items and more.
  • Get access to the dashboard of your sales, orders with simple and clear graph. It will help you to have the clear understanding of monthly, weekly and daily views as well as view the reports in a custom mode by setting the starting and the ending dates.

These are the coolest features you need to have in mind when creating your Photo Gallery E-Commerce.
After the standard WordPress installation of the plugin/add-on follow this instructions below to create the e-commerce in minutes:

  1. Create or choose an existing gallery
  2. Set E-Commerce from Options menu
    1. Specify the currency and its symbol of your e-commerce
    2. Set email options include details both for recipient and sender, allowing to create custom mail with signature and brand logo
    3. Set checkout options: enable or disable guest checkout and shipping ballots, digit download order list and most importantly options for payment method, which are PayPal and Stripe.
  3. Select parameters of what you sell – digital content or merchandise
    1. For products, goods and merchandise set a name, description, price and shipping rates.
    2. For digital content, add a license, linking to your custom license, set dimension in pixels of a downloadable content
  4. Add a pricelist in e-commerce and
  5. After creating a price-list, connect it with a gallery. Go to the gallery you are adding your e-commerce, click the edit button, select images you want to have in e-commerce and finalize by clicking on add price-list button.
Benefits Of Photo Gallery E-Commerce

This is the very right plugin for those who are seeking for a simple e-commerce platform for creating and managing online stores with awesome functionality of WordPress Photo Gallery for hosting a store.

Besides that, you will not need to learn a new plugin or a CMS or stick with online e-com websites. In case of Photo Gallery plugin most of WordPress users are somehow familiar with this guy as it is rated among top WordPress photography plugins by many bloggers and websites. So being familiar with Photo Gallery will allow you just to add the add-on and sell on your site and easily manage products with the huge list of Photo Gallery options.

Besides that, shall I remind that Photo Gallery includes all the major social sharing buttons for products/images to be shared, options for description and additional information both in the lightbox of an image and product description connected with e-commerce. Moreover, with Photo Gallery E-Commerce you will not need to subscribe to additional support and update plans as it is included in the subscription, meaning that you will receive a support both on forum and via email.

Now give a try and set-up online store with Photo Gallery E-Commerce. You can sell with Photo Gallery E-Commerce, manage your orders, contact customers, track sales and most importantly present the best of your website.Have a burning question or a great idea? Share it in the comments below.

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