Get Pushover Notifications For Form Maker


WordPress Form Maker plugin has a new notification add-on. The add-on is an integration with Pushover app, that is making it easy to receive real-time notifications on your mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems. This notification system supports multiple mobile devices including Pebble, Android Wear, iPhones, iPads, Apple watches, as well as on desktops.

For some time now, that a lot of Form Maker users wanted to be notified when a new form was submitted on forms. The fastest and the most efficient way would have been sending a short message to administrators. That’s why Web-Dorado brought this new add-on called Pushover Integration.

The tool is quite simple. Form Maker administrators can be notified with a quick message when a new form is being submitted. The great thing about Form Maker Pushover add-on is that it is fully integrated with Pushover application, meaning that admins can optimize notifications from their Pushover account, including sounds, notification priority and repeat time. Notification can contain form field inputs, any links and/or custom text. The add-on simply requires entering Pushover user key and after that you are ready to go. After that, form holders will be getting push notifications in an instant.

This simple push notification service integrated with WordPress Form Maker add-on starts with $15, allowing consumers to receive updates and supports for 6 months. Subscription also includes other plans for businesses and developers. Don’t forget that before launching the add-on on your website, you would want to run Pushover app on your devices too. Pushover that sends alerts to your Android, iPhone, iPad, and Desktop devices, includes a free 7-day trial. Which is more than enough to test the tool from head to toe. After that in order to get an access to the unlimited usage on Android beyond the 7-day trial, app developers require a one-time $4.99 in-app purchase. Pushover has no monthly subscription fees. Same is true in case of Form Maker add-on, meaning that users will still be able to use Pushover’s add-on, even when their subscription ends.

Speaking on numbers, it is fair to mention that the applications can send a big number of messages for free each month. Yet there is a subject to monthly limits for quite larger businesses requiring wider amount of messages and notifications. The standard one-time subscription of $4.99 allows sending 7,500 messages per month for free. That’s it probably the only limit for this guy. Which is more than okay for rather minor websites and businesses. If you want to go bigger then Pushover offers subscription plans for high-volume applications that need to send more than 7,500 messages per month. In this case for an additional capacity the app will give access for 10,000 notifications, costing $50.00 USD; 25,000 for $115.00 USD; 50,000 for $200.00 USD.

The app requires at least Android 2.3 and is optimized for Android 4 and Android 5. The app for Android also includes a widget that can be added to the home screen of an Android device to quickly view notifications (requires Android 4). Speaking in behalf of iOS clients let me mention that the app requires iOS 7 or higher. As for browser surfers, that want to bring notifications to their desktops, the app enables desktop notifications, which are available in newer versions of Chrome (including Chrome OS), Firefox, and Safari. For this case it is worth to mention that notifications will pop-up when users have the browser tab open. A nice thing that I really enjoyed with browser notifications system, is their running process on Mac. On newer versions of Mac OS X, notifications can be pushed directly to desktop without needing any browser running. This is something that Windows 8 and 10 apps can go further for.

Worth to mention that browser messages from Pushover app are being downloaded and stored offline in the history of a browser too, so that users could view all notifications later on.

And the last option that I would like to mention is the emergency-priority of notifications, allowing users to view specific notifications they want to receive.

This add-on is a great minimalistic integration with Pushover app that does just what it promises

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