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As of the first quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.65 billion monthly active users. Famous for-profit corporation continues to be the best social network for setting up a business profile, sharing memorable moments with friends and family as well as running social groups for various category products and range of communities.

It also continues it’s path to represent a huge potential market for online businesses, local markets and other barters. But besides publicity over online social network service, individuals and businesses prefer to pull together the platforms by syncing content between Facebook page and website.

A roundup of facebook feed wordpress based websites is massive. directory includes a lot of plugins allowing to showcase different facets of the biggest social network, whether it is a plugin to connect with your Facebook group or business page, a tool to showcase profiles, links to photo or video feeds or add widgets. That is why we are happy to announce the release of a new plugin that compiles the mentioned functionality and includes other numerous and major options for showcasing Facebook feeds over websites.

Facebook Feed WD is a new responsive plugin for WordPress. It creates a timeline or wall style post line showcasing Facebook feed on any website. The feed can demonstrate media and other account data shared over Facebook profiles, pages and groups, whether these are photos, videos, albums, events, post statuses or links.

In the picture above I showcase “The National Geographic Brasil” Facebook group . On my website I have selected group photos to appear on the website and chose the Blog Style View for them. I also chose from the options of the group feed to show posts by group owner only. This helps to avoid any spam posts and content not related with the group.

I have also added Entrepreneur Magazine page events to my website using the event linking solutions of the plugin. Options allow me to add all types of timeline posts, including photos, videos, albums, yet I have chosen events only. Selected the max number of events to appear and made couple of changes in the lightbox settings allowing the events to appear with crisp white background in the lightbox and all tests to be black. In the picture below you may see how the event looks on Facebook page and the second part of the image includes the snap of the linked event from the website.

The plugin allows to unroll unlimited Facebook feeds for free, both on pages and posts as well as over widget areas of a website. The Free version of Facebook Feed WD is available in directory for download.

Advanced post layout features Masonry and Thumbnail views for images and videos, Album view for page and profile albums, Blog Style and Thumbnail view for events. Plugin comes with wide range of options for each view.

When creating a feed of a Facebook public page, you are able either to showcase the whole content of the feed or select specific categories, which include, photos, videos, albums or events. That is an awesome option allowing to filter the shared content out.

On this page using Sauron WordPress Theme, I decided to showcase videos of 2016 Stanley Cup playoffs from NHL’s Official Facebook page. The plugin allows to list videos using pagination, load more button as well as infinite scroll feature. Videos can be viewed in fullscreen, shared on social networks as well as auto played.

Speaking about filtering choices, the plugin gives an option to select the number of posts to appear on your page. Besides that you may select whether you want your website to keep the Facebook page content synchronized and allow the new posts to appear and update automatically.

A massive shout out shall be given to the advanced lightbox of the plugin. The lightbox includes Twitter, Facebook, G+ social sharing buttons; incorporates the number of likes, shares and comments, as well as redirects users from WordPress to the original post on Facebook. The Professional version of Facebook Feed WD includes more advanced options for a full width lightbox with 15 effects, lightbox autoplay, comments, profile feed customization settings, themes for editing overall look of the feed and content, edit the colors, size, navigation, buttons; carry multiple layout solutions and more.

That is pretty awesome tool combined in one plugin, considering the fact where most of plugins in WordPress allow to create the mentioned points separately and you’ll need bunch of plugins to accomplish that. More views and details are available in Facebook Feed WD Demo page. Give a whirl and let us know in the comments below how you feel about the new plugin.

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