Conditional Filters For WordPress Instagram WD Plugin


Instagram Feed WD plugin continues its journey in the big world of top and exquisite WordPress plugins. It continues to grow with major and exclusive features that are available in this tool only.

We are happy to announce the big update that includes new Conditional Filter Option. This tool allows users to filter media via specific condition type, by excluding or showing only posts of certain users, with given hashtags, mentions, descriptions and media links, as well as their combinations. In this way, users will be able to create advanced feeds over their pages.

A new tab has been added in the working area of Instagram plugin, accompanying “feed” and “lightbox” settings menus. After creating username- or hashtag-based feed, users need to select conditional filters tab to enable custom conditional filters. After that users will find 3 main filtering options:

Add Condition field will require entering condition type; this would either be a hashtag, username, mention, description or media link. Users are able to enter multiple conditions with their types.

Filter logic – this option offers users to select the filter logic, which can be AND, OR or NOR. This will allow users to show only media, satisfying all the conditions (AND), at least one of the conditions (OR) or excluding media according to given conditions (NOR).

And below this option, in the Results field the plugin will demonstrate the result of applied or mentioned conditions.

This major update of Instagram WD plugin is not the last one in the line. Developers claim to present some great news in the upcoming weeks as well. Stay tuned with Web-Dorado Blog posts in order to get all the latest updates about Instagram Feed WD.

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