Catch The Latest WordPress Event Calendar WD Updates


We have listed in this post some cool new features that have been implemented in the latest version of Event Calendar WD. Check them out and tune up your calendar right away!

I’ll start with 12th add-on that was welcomed to the big family of ECWD add-ons. It is named WordPress Event Calendar Subscribe add-on.This add-on enables users to subscribe for events and receive notifications about preferred events right away. Options allow setting different preferences both for admins and users. The add-on that is compatible with ECWD Pro starting with the version 5.0.50, appears in the settings menu of the calendar as a new tab. On front-end users can subscribe either to a specific category, tag, venue, organizer or overall to all events at once. Users receive an email notification when a new event is being added or updated. Site admins can include options for email verification when subscribed, monitor and manage subscriber’s list as well as add Google’s “I am not a robot” reCAPTCHA and require selecting it to those who is not logged-in to the site.

Second addition in the latest versions of both Free and Pro products is the beginner’s tour available as a simple WordPress wizard. It prepares WordPress Event Calendar WD for clients, allowing to publish the first calendar from start to finish. Definitely a nice addition to the easy-to-use calendar plugin with simple navigation.

The third major addition is the new Grey theme of the calendar. It is the sixth in the line of customizable calendar themes. It comes as a minimalistic business theme for the calendar, allowing to add your calendar in an austere design websites, with chromed theme colors. It allows users to edit and customize every bit of the calendar too. Calendar theme settings include options for header, views, filters, days and so on. Users are able to change the colors, font size, borders, width and more using these features. Besides that users are able to add categories and set colors from the rich color palette of color picker. Not to mention the fact that anyone can add its own calendar theme as well.

Besides these recent additions, during recent updates a custom CSS box option has been added in this plugin too, the plugin includes event category page, developers have added date format options for list, week and day views.

Event Calendar WD is a rich features calendar plugin, which has gained a massive popularity in the community. As a mention it is fair to remember that the free version of WordPress event calendar includes a lot of available options, which are: mini calendar widget, Google Maps integration, social sharing buttons, options for venues and organizers and besides the main full year view, it has 4 additional views including: day, week, month and list. Besides that users are able to add unlimited calendars to their website, as well as create unlimited events.

Among the most popular add-ons of ECWD the plugin has Tickets add-on allowing visitors to purchase tickets, boasts recurring event with Event filtering add-on, Upcoming events add-on, Frontend Management as well as Google Calendar and iCal add-ons.

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