Build Wedding Website as Impressive as the Event Itself


When you plan your wedding and want to share your day with the world the most original and impressive way is to create a wedding website.

In this post I’ll share with you some ideas and features that you may consider while creating your ultimate wedding website.

Choose CMS Platform

While creating your wedding website the first thing to consider is the CMS platform: from this point you should go for the easiest and most intuitive CMS platform unless you are a professional developer. WordPress may be the best choice for beginners and besides the base of website templates and plugins for WordPress is larger and you’ll have a lot of options to choose from.

Choose Right Template

Wedding day is all about special moments and you should highlight those moments in your website too. Consider a template with a large slider where you can post the photos of those special moments. Customise the slider sharing your own photos and write slide descriptions expressing your thoughts and feelings about them. The below photo is taken from Web-Dorado’s Weddings theme, you can have a glimpse at theme demo to see how it’ll look like on real website.

Choose Great Plugins to Add Nice Features and Functionality

RSVP and Wedding Invitation WordPress Plugin

This is a great plugin to manage your guest list (add/edit/delete/sort), send invitations with a custom beautiful message, invite multiple guests with a single email, track the RSVP (Request for Response) status (Yes/No/Pending). You should just create a RSVP form and post at any page of your website with a simple shortcode. Only invited people can RSVP. You can also use the plugin to gather statistics for menu items especially for kids and vegetarians.

Event Calendar with Count-down Option

If you plan to have a website even before the wedding it’d be nice to have an event calendar where you can manage pre-wedding events (like bridal shower or stag-party) and also the BIG event. With Event Calendar WD you can have Google map integration with events showing the exact venues for the event. Also you can synchronise events between your website and facebook page, Google Calendar or iCal. This way you’ll keep your friends intrigued and active. Also it’ll be easier to invite them to events without taking long time to explain venues. Cool isn’t it? You can also get advantage of count down add on, making the “world” to count down the time with you for the expected day.

Wedding Gift Registry

Another amazing plugin is WordPress Gift Registry plugin. With this plugin you can add your own wedding gift registry to your website. It’s just fun to create wishlists, automatically track how many wish-list items are left, get notified while receiving gifts via email and much more. It’s really cool for both sides: you get gifts that matter and your guests will not spend extra time wondering what to present you.

Photo and Video Galleries

The best way to share your wedding memories with others is to have a comprehensive photo and video gallery. You can consider a gallery plugin like our Photo Gallery which will help to keep multiple photos and videos in organized and modern way. You can create extended album with multiple galleries. Get advantage of different view options like thumbnail, masonry, mosaic, slideshow, lightbox, etc. You will also be able to share the photos in major social media platforms. Moreover, you can consider Photo Gallery’s feature of integrating Instagram to your website, that way you can synchronize Instagram updates with your website’s photo gallery updates.

As you see there is nothing too difficult in having your personal wedding website but there is of course much to do for making it original, impressive and elegant. If you have any other ideas but don’t know how to fulfill them, please write us in comments, we’ll do our best to suggest you easy solutions.

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