10 WordPress Plugins to Quickly Help Your Site Get More Traffic


WordPress is an invaluable tool for virtually any business. It allows you to set up a professional website with ease, allows you to make periodic updates of the material on the site without any knowledge of coding, and helps to get the word out to potential customers. However, it’s a tough market out there today, and frenzied attempts to get the attention of potential buyers are everywhere. Building traffic to your WordPress website can be done through a judicious choice of plugins – don’t install everything under the sun or you’ll alienate your visitors. Let’s take a look at a few options and ideas for plugins that can help boost your traffic.

1. Sharebar – Social Medial Slider

Social media sliders such as Sharebar are becoming increasingly popular with WordPress users. They afford readers the convenience of sharing your content through the social media site of their choice without having to leave your site. This makes it easier for the content to be seen by more people, and when content is shared in this fashion, it has an implicit authority. Your visitors become the strongest champions for your brand, and become proud that they were the one who turned on their friends and family to your excellent service.

2. Google Analytics WD

To increase the traffic to your site, you must first be able to track and monitor it. Google Analytics has become the clear winner in this regard, offering you the ability to see advanced metrics and reports on which pages of your site are doing well, and which aren’t. For WordPress users, Google Analytics WD is the essential plugin that brings all this important information right into your WordPress administration panel, and adds functionality specific to WordPress, such as gaining reports based on users, posts or tags. It offers you a complete picture of recent traffic.

3. All-in-One SEO Pack

The gold standard for WordPress search engine optimization, All-in-One SEO Pack has been installed on millions of blogs. All-in-One SEO Pack aims to make your WordPress website show up better on search engine results, thereby resulting in increased traffic. SEO is a big field, but All-in-One SEO Pack helps cut through a great deal of the work. This plugin works by automatically creating search engine friendly META tags, reformatting URLs and getting the best results from search engines. It is an essential tool for WordPress users to make the most of their sites.

4. OptinMonster

OptinMonster fulfils a rather unique function for the WordPress site owner: it allows visitors to a website to be transformed into email subscribers. Many visitors to a site do not return; over 70% of visits to a site may be onetime visits, which makes many hits fruitless for the businessperson running the site. Those who choose to be added to an email newsletter list are much more likely to return and become a regular proponent of your brand. Consider email newsletters an excellent way to get increased return traffic.

5. Floating Social Bar

Unlike some social sharing plugins that can slow down a site or make it look cluttered, Floating Social Bar is fast and relatively uncomplicated to use. Floating Social Bar adds links to the most popular social media pages to a user’s website, and true to its namesake, will “float” at the top of a page as a viewer scrolls downward, allowing the bar to be seen during the viewer’s entire stay. It makes it easier for visitors to begin following you on the social media site of their choice.

6. Yoast SEO

An alternative to All-in-One SEO Pack, Yoast SEO has one of the most extensive collections of search engine optimization tools available in a single WordPress Plugin. It allows the user to add META tags, optimize websites for social media pages, add XML site maps, add breadcrumb navigation, and much, much more. Yoast has the added advantage of showing how SEO-friendly a page of content might be before it is even added to the site, allowing you to tweak it before it goes live. The tools available on Yoast make it a premium plugin for tightening up content and getting the most natural search engine traffic from the posts you make.

7. Google Sitemap Generator

This plugin offers a singularly useful function: it adds sitemaps which allow a WordPress user’s entire site structure to be read easily by crawlers, which keeps one’s site visible on premium search engines such as Google, Bing, and others. It takes little work to set up; it’s simply a plug-and-play operation. Once the plugin is activated, you’re done, and the search engines will quickly be informed when you have not content to share and where it is located.

8. Digg Digg

Digg Digg is similar to Sharebar in that it allows a website to share content through popular social media pages. The easily tweaked plugin allows buttons for sharing through social media to be placed at the top or on the side of posts; over 20 social media sites are included. In addition, it can be set up in any one of four ways, including the floating bar option. Much like Sharebar, this plugin will encourage viewers and potential customers to share content from the website, making it easier to spread the word for the business.

9. Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post allows for the revival of older social media posts regarding a WordPress user’s website. This keeps older content active on social media pages so that more viewers are able to read about the website and its content. This will translate into increased business traffic, and can be a smart way to make your content last longer and get more exposure. This plugin can also be set up to repost some posts automatically.

10. Popup Domination

Popup Domination has been known to increase website traffic by over 400%. It works by having a basic light-box solution pop up as a viewer opens the WordPress user’s website. It’s eye-catching but without being terribly obtrusive or obnoxious, and you can set it up to ask your visitor to perform any number of simple actions. This helps by getting the visitor’s attention and gives them a reason to return to the site, if it is used to get them to sign up for an email newsletter, for example. This useful plugin is not free, but it costs less than $50 and comes with a two-month money-back guarantee.

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