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Ad Block Detection can be enabled to have a message in case Ad blocker extensions are enabled on user’s browser. The message will appear as an overlay on your website frontend. With Show message for setting you can select the interval (in seconds) during which this message will be displayed. Furthermore, set the message content for Adblock detection using Message to show option.

Bot Filter option lets you provide list of bots, which will otherwise interact with your adverts. We provide a predefined list, which you can keep for this setting. Send Notification When lets you enable email or Pushover notifications to keep track of changes among your adverts. These alert messages can be sent for the following two cases:

  • Any advertiser saves an advert in your moderation queue.
  • A moderator approved an advert from the moderation queue.

Mark Email Message option as checked to configure email notifications. Afterwards provide the list of recipient email addresses, separated by commas.

Push Notifications to Your Smartphone option turns on notifications, which you will receive directly to your smartphone. This is done through Pushover application.

You can download and install Pushover on your devices from the following links:

There’s one last step necessary to complete, if you wish to get notified via Pushover application. Make user to create a new user for yourself, then copy User Key and API Token of your account to corresponding options of Ad Manager WD.

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