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Managing All Adverts

When you create a few advertisement entries, they all will be available under Ad Manager WD page. This section also provides a set of useful tools, which will come handy for you. Let’s go through each of them and discuss thoroughly.

As with regular WordPress posts, you can search your adverts from this page. Enter their title (partially or fully) in corresponding input on top right corner, then click Search.

Bulk Actions dropdown of this page comes with the following settings. Choose the one you need to use and hit Apply.

  • Edit lets you make quick modifications on more than one adverts.
  • Move to Trash helps you delete several advertisement entries at once.
  • Duplicate will create copies of all selected adverts.
  • Deactivate allows you to unpublish chosen advertisements from frontend of your site.
  • Reset stats will clear out all clicks and impressions statistics for selected adverts.
  • Export to JSON option will let you export chosen entries as a JSON file and import on another website, where you have Ad Manager WD plugin.
  • Renew lets you re-publish expired adverts for the following periods:
    • For 1 year
    • For 180 days
    • For 30 days
    • For 7 days

You can also filter advertisements on All Adverts page using the dropdown menus from the top. They can be filtered by the dates they were published, groups, schedules, as well as their expiration status (active/expired/soon to expire). Choose the necessary values for each select box and click Filter.

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