WordPress Ad Manager WD

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Ad Manager WD plugin is a user-friendly tool developed to easily create, publish and manage advertisements on your WordPress sites. Its straightforward, yet extensive functionality lets you have these features:

  • Place any advertisement code to your website, including Google AdSense or just HTML,
  • Create advert groups and organize the ads on your website,
  • Apply schedules to each advertisement,
  • Display published adverts in three different modes,
  • Easily control the placement of adverts and advert groups,
  • Control the weight and visibility of ads throughout your site,
  • Target users from specific locations all over the globe,
  • Keep track of feedback using plugins tracker, as well as Google Analytics and Piwik Analytics,
  • Manage user roles for adding, editing and deleting adverts, as well as schedules.

And this is just a summary of Ad Manager WD features. Now let’s get started on creating adverts, groups, schedules and managing the plugin’s settings.

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