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You can determine the placement of your advertisement with this set of options. Ad Manager WD plugin lets you add your adverts to widget areas, categories, posts and pages. We will discuss publishing of widgets later on in this guide. Let’s go through the rest of its methods now.

Placement option can be used to specify the location of current advert in a post, page or category. Correspondingly it can be added in one of the following sections:

  • Before Content
  • After Content
  • Before And After Content
  • Inside The Content

There’s also a way to be more specific in the placement of your ad in those entries. You can set the number of paragraph, after which your advert will show up. For instance, if you write 3, the ad will appear below the 3rd paragraph on a post/page.

Select corresponding options to inject your advertisement in a post, page or category. In case you select Show advert in category option, the list of post categories you have will appear right below. Make sure to choose the ones where you want your ad to display.

Similarly, the list of pages and posts will show up for you to select, when you mark Show advert in posts and Show advert in pages options as checked.

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