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    Spinne Kontakte

    Drupal staff list module

    Spinne Kontakte

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    Spider Contacts is a Drupal module which helps to display organization members’ (e.g. employees, faculty members, hospital personnel, and so on) contact information in a more user-friendly and convenient way. It allows you to create and modify separate contact groups with full information of contacts, including descriptions, images, and feedback options.

    Spider Contacts is ease in use. It supports the possibility of creating contact groups in a few simple steps. You can organize your contacts within various categories. It is an ideal option for creating a communication path with the staff members. The customization possibilities and parameters will help to design the groups in a more desirable manner.

    Main Features:

    • Drupal 6.x, Drupal 7.x native extension.
    • Contacts ordering possibility based on preferences using drag and drop feature
    • Sending messages/feedback to selected groups of contacts
    • Organizing contacts by specified categories
    • Four options for contact display (full view, table view, short view, and single view)
      Drupal Contacts theme is highly customizable, coming with pre-installed customization possibilities regarding the following features:
    • Background color
    • Parameters background color
    • Hyperlink color
    • Contact number
    • Contact image width and height
    • Border width
    • Border style
    • Number of rows

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